"Everything's gonna be alright"

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stiles & malia in 4x10

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If you came to San Diego Comic-Con hoping to not only have a fantastic time, but to also come away with some exclusive art and a new working knowledge of werewolves and other supernatural beasties, then man, you are in luck.

Attendees of the “Teen Wolf” panel today in Ballroom 20 will receive three pieces of exclusive art from the Bestiary, the handbook the demon-fighting Argent Family refers to while fighting to keep order in Beacon Hills. Drawn by New York-based artist and “Teen Wolf” enthusiastSwann Smith, the pages depict anatomical and behavioral secrets of werewolves, kanimas (a shapeshifting werewolf, duh) and oni.

Check out our exclusive preview of the pieces below, and be sure to keep an eye on MTV News for all things Comic-Con this week. (Source)


Hahahahahaha!!  We Heart It.

Sterek and Stydia shippers to Jeff Davis saying that Stalia is gonna hit a rocky road:


Dylan O’Brien dancing on ‘Despierta America’ [x]

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Can we just take a moment to realize how cute dylan’s shy smile is

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please don’t change the source, this was such an incredible experience xx

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